1. Do you know that artificial lightning emits blue lights?
  • artificial lighting are man-made light source such as lamps, light bulbs, flash lights, etc. But not many people knows that digital devices like laptops, computers, and even smartphones, could also emits blue-lights.
       2. Isn’t blue light good?
  • not all blue lights are bad. The sun for example, emits blue lights that is beneficial during the day. But being constantly exposed to blue light, disrupts our sleeping cycle. Where some people sleep during the day and are awake at night.
       3. What is the bad side of too many blue lights?
  • It is pressing down your melatonin hormones that cause you to have trouble sleeping, easily being awake and also have un-refreshing sleep. It could also gives you headache and dry eyes.
       4. What does Druman Glasses do?
  • Druman Glasses are all UV 400 and designed to block these blue lights! It also have anti radiation and anti glare lenses.
       5. Why is it yellow tinted?
  • The yellow color in the glasses help to reduce glare from the computer screen and lessen the stress on your eyes. Meaning, NO more dry and itchy eyes!
      6. Is the lense the same with Gunnar?
  • We use CR-39 lenses, which is used by a lot of well known brand such as Zeiss. The quality have been proofed all over the years. Where Gunnar use it's own called I-AMP lenses.